Who was the Sphinx modeled after?

Answer The Great Sphinx is intended to represent the Egyptian sun-god Amun. Who is depicted on the actual face of the Sphinx is under contention, but recent evidence suggests that it was carved out of the... Read More »

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Who is Tinkerbell modeled after?

Although Tinker Bell's curvy figure led to rumors that she was based on Marilyn Monroe, animator Marc Davis modeled her after Margaret Kerry. The singer, dancer and actress served as the live-actio... Read More »

Who is Barney the purple dinosaur modeled after?

Which famous pair are Shrek& Donkey modeled after?

The character of Shrek is widely thought to have been modeled on wrestler Maurice Tillet. According to the Human Marvels website, Tillet suffered from acromegaly, a disorder of the pituitary gland ... Read More »

What human organ is modeled by the image processor of the digital camera?