Who was the President whose adopted niece was the first lady?

Answer Harriet Lane, adopted niece of James Buchanan

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What do the secret service do if the president and the first lady want to get it on do they watch?

How long does a first lady get Secret Service protection after the president dies?

The US Secret Service was initially created in 1865 to fight the widespread counterfeiting of US currency. It did not begin its protective role until the assassination of President McKinley in 1901... Read More »

What do you call your sister whose parents adopted you?

What documentsshould you verify before buying a condominium from the realestate agent who is selling you a house whose owner was a lady who died last month in the hospital?

I am planning to buy a condo. The owner is dead. The real estate agent says that the money I give will go to Charity. This is what the owner wanted to do with the house. What documents shouldI ask ... Read More »