Could you help locate in video or script the funny 2008 Commencement Speech given by Rob Schneider that was on Leno's Tonight Show May 19 2008?

Answer Believe it or not, you can try or They have quite a few old TV commercials and out-takes from TV shows.

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I have to pass a drug test tomorrow january 22, 2008 and the last time i smoked was thursday january 17, 2008?

one week is the least amount of time that stays in your system and shows up in your urine.

If a child is placed for adoption in your home in 2008 and is not finalized until 2009 can you claim that child as a dependent in 2008?

How do I get rid of Adware 2008?

End ProcessesClick "Ctrl" + "Alt" + "Delete." The Task Manager opens. Click on the "Processes" tab of the Task Manager. Locate and end the following processes. To end a process, click on the proces... Read More »

Who won Big Brother in 2008?

the 52 year old grandmother Terri won Rory in secondand Ben in thirdThese must be the American Big Brother winners. In Britain Rachel won in 2008