Who was the American Army's leader in the Spanish-American War?

Answer General Nelson Miles had been the Commanding General of the United States Army since 1895 and personally led the Invasion of Puerto Rico.

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One of the US military leader in the Spanish American War?

General Nelson Miles, US Army and Admiral George Dewey, US Navy.

What resulted from American involvement in the Spanish-American war?

Puerto Rico became a US territory in 1898. Since them, every one of us born in Puerto Rico are US citizen. We are considered a commonwealth since 1952. That is one of the outcomes of American invol... Read More »

Who was the American leader at the Battle of Oriskany?

At the Battle of Oriskany, the leader of the American patriot forces was Gen. Nicholas Herkimer. He led the Tryon County Militia in an effort to relieve the siege at Fort Stanwix. Herkimer was inju... Read More »

Who is the american leader in the mexican war known as the long marcher?

Col. Stephen W. Kearny gathered and led an army of volunteers on an expeditionary force into New Mexico and California during the Mexican War. He established a territorial government in Santa Fe, N... Read More »