I ordered something on Amazon on November 27th.?

Answer Opa Locka to where...good chance for Monday. Sounds like you used free shipping.

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Insignia patchs from the 27th infantry division of the US army?

You need to ask a question for it to be answered. If you want to see what it looks like (as well as read up on it), there's a pretty comprehensive article about it on Wikipedia (see related link '2... Read More »

What is a fun dinner place to bring a friend for her 27th birthday in LA?

hmm...well this depends on how adventurous you are.Ever had korean BBQ? well this place is damn good and fun to eat at!…

On august 27th im haaving a doctor's appointment and i have a problem...?

haha lol think of your grandma coming after you without her teeth in and licking her lips:D

What are the correct Songs & Words for 92.5 JOE & 103.9 CISN in Edmonton for Monday, July 27th?