How much do secret service get paid to protect the President Budget for protection of the president?

Answer secret service get paid about $60,000 for there for year And the highest pay is $112,000 a year.

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Is it legal for the ex-president of a home owners association not to turn over the books to the new president?

Because a home owners association is probably a corporation, you could ask the same question of Boeing's president or the president of Goldman Sachs.In those corporations, the subject wouldn't come... Read More »

If the Secretary of Homeland Security died while president who wouldbecome president?

There is a famous quote from a Supreme Court Justice (I forget which one) who said "The constitution means what I say it means". There are many different ways of interpreting the constitution, whic... Read More »

16th bday party for my sis?

i like the pink if all for girls & thewhite tie affair.

16th Birthday Ideas?

Do a murder mystery dinner, it's great fun trying to figure out the killer and the motive and getting to dress up and act in character (You can make it a kidnapping or robbery if you don't like the... Read More »