Miscarriage on Nov 11th.........?

Answer Actually, you may not be implanting, you may be ovulating. I have twinges of pain each month when I ovulate. That's how I know when I am the most fertile. I have had three kids by having sex when I... Read More »

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How to Do the "11Th Card Trick"?

Ever heard of the 11th card trick? If not you're in the right place!

How to Get Ready for the 11th Grade?

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New school tomorrow!! 11th grade.?

Heartss-First of all, calm down. Now, moving to a new place or go to a place where you don't know can be difficult, especially if your shy. Now the best thing to do is to is make a friend in homero... Read More »

Ideas for 11th Grade English?

In the 11th grade, English covers American literature and the history of the United States as seen through the prism of its writers. English teachers should seek to intertwine the disciplines of hi... Read More »