Who was responsible for printing the first paper money?

Answer The first paper money was created in China during the Tang Dynasty at around 800 A.D. It was used by merchants and was produced because of how inconvenient it was to ship cash to far away places wh... Read More »

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Can I use plain printing paper when printing stamps from

You can always just print them out and (if its not to much trouble) buy a thin sheet of double-sided stick adhesive(sticky sheet for short) and just apply it to the back of your printed stamps :D

Help with printing paper Please help!!?

no. by connecting it to a monitor in the library wont help in any way. all you have to do is save your paper in a flash drive or a cd whatever you have and then open it on the library computer and ... Read More »

How to fix paper sticking together when printing?

I used to run huge print jobs when I worked at GM. Usually printing thousands of pages on multiple printers. The 2 things I can tell you to reduce the number of jams you get is:(1) Keep your printe... Read More »

Printing Paper for Invites?

You can probably get a ream of cardstock from staples or an office supply store. It will all depend on the texture you are looking for. A linen or felt texture would probably work well. If staples ... Read More »