1962 Hairstyles?

Answer Hairstyles of the early 1960s were flippy and flirty. This was right before the flowering of hippie culture. Women had traded in the poodle-type curls of the 1950s but hadn't yet embraced the long,... Read More »

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1962 Chevy Specs?

In 1962 the Impala was still the top of the line Chevrolet and it continued its dominance as one of the top family cars on the market. There was also an SS package, which had a sporty look. The Che... Read More »

1962 Chevrolet 283 Specs?

Even though the first Chevy small block V-8 had oil filtration problems, the concept surrounding this small powerful engine caught on quickly. The initial small block motor had a 265 cubic inch dis... Read More »

1962 Corvette Components?

The end of the straight-axle, C1 era, the 1962 Corvette was the last of its kind to use a live rear axle. The 1962 Corvette saw several changes in terms of components and specifications from its 19... Read More »

Is a 1962 nickel silver?

No, a 1962 nickel is made of nickel and copper. The only five-cent pieces that contain silver are the pre-1874 half disme, or half dime, and the nickels made between 1942 and 1945.References:US Min... Read More »