What was the average salary in 1926?

Answer The cost of living was very low in 1926, and the average salary in the United States reflected that. According to, the average salary in the United States in 1926 was just $1,313.... Read More »

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What nation was invaded by US Marines in 1926?

Nicaragua, they stayed there for seven years.

What does AU-58 on the 1926 U.S. gold coin mean?

AU-58 is a coin grade that means that the coin is in almost uncirculated condition. The number 58 means that it is the highest grade of almost uncirculated coin--AU coins only come in 50 grade, 55 ... Read More »

What baseball team won the World Series in 1926?

The St. Louis Cardinals knocked off Babe Ruth and the favored New York Yankees in seven games to capture the 1926 World Series championship. The Cardinals scored three runs in the fourth inning of ... Read More »

What percentage of a nickel is silver from a 1926 nickel?

A 1926 nickel is a buffalo nickel, as buffalo nickels were minted from 1913 through 1938. Buffalo nickels are made of 75 percent copper and 25 percent nickel and contain no silver.References:Coinli... Read More »