Who invented the weighing scale in 1896?

Answer J.H. Hunter, an African-American inventor, patented the weighing scale on November 3, 1896. It was patent number 570, 533. The weighing scale is used to determine the weight or mass of an object or... Read More »

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Where were the olympic summer games of 1896 held?

Athens, Greece, hosted the first modern Summer Olympic Games from April 6 to 15, 1896. A total of 241 athletes, all male, from 14 countries took part in the games, which featured 43 events.Referenc... Read More »

What is a silver dollar worth that is minted in 1896?

Coin valuations are based on condition and scarcity. Silver dollars minted in Philadelphia in 1896 range in value from $18 for well-worn coins to $13,000 for pristine specimens. Coins minted that y... Read More »

Who gave the famous cross of gold speech in 1896?

American politician William Jennings Bryan gave the 1896 Cross of Gold speech at the Democratic National Convention. With hopes of winning the Democratic presidential nomination, Bryan used the spe... Read More »

Who are the people sitting below the President's podium facing away from the President during the President's State of the Union Address?