What is the value of a 1894 Swedish navy bayonet?

Answer The correct label of the Swedish bayonet for the 1894 carbine is "bajonett m/1914". The carbine model itself was modified for the bayonet use in the year 1914, and converted carbines was hence labe... Read More »

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How much silver by weight is in an 1894 Guatemalan peso?

Guatemalan pesos minted from 1859 to 1925 used 0.835 pure silver content and weighed 0.77 grams. The silver content alone of the 1894 Guatemalan peso weighs 0.5845 grams. Guatemalan pesos were wort... Read More »

How to Remove the Barrel on a Winchester Model 1894?

Winchester Repeating Arms produced over 7.5 million Model 1894s, one of the world's most popular rifles. The lever-action 1894 continues to be a top seller and is coveted by antique firearm aficio... Read More »

How much is an 1894 Morgan silver dollar coin worth?

The value of an 1894 Morgan silver dollar depends on the condition and mint mark. Most are worth between $75 and $750 with O and S mint marks. Those without a mint mark are very rare and worth betw... Read More »

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