About Homelessness During the Great Depression?

Answer The Great Depression (1929 to 1939) was a time of unprecedented economic hardship for the United States. Amid widespread unemployment and economic and environmental disasters, many people found the... Read More »

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About the Homeless Population During the Great Depression?

During the Great Depression the homeless rate in America became the highest in the nation's history. The stock market collapse of 1929 created high unemployment, and the Dust Bowl led many into sha... Read More »

What was the average annual income during the great depression?

During the decade of 1930 to 1939, the U.S. economy was at an all-time low. The average salary during this time was $1,368, and the unemployment rate rose to 25 percent. The cost of a quart of milk... Read More »

Where was the best place to invest your money during the great depression?

On One Hand: Military Investments Were WiseThe number one place to invest money during the depression era was in companies that built submarines and aircrafts for the world wars. These companies we... Read More »

Who was president during the great flood of 1927?

The great flood of 1927 refers to a massive bout of flooding in the Mississippi River Valley. The 30th United States president, Calvin Coolidge, was in office at the time of the great flood of 1927... Read More »