Who was more important, the Little Rock Nine or James Meredith?

Answer On One Hand: Little Rock NineDespite Arkansas Gov. Orval Faubus's defiance of the U.S. Supreme Court's decision to end public school segregation, nine black students attended Little Rock Central Hi... Read More »

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Who are the Little Rock Nine?

The Little Rock Nine was the first group of black students to enroll in Central High School in Little Rock, Arkansas in 1957 following the desegregation of the school. The nine students were Melba ... Read More »

Who did the Little Rock Nine consist of?

On September 23, 1957, nine African American teenagers helped desegregate Little Rock Central High School by entering the school. The Little Rock Nine included Minnijean Brown, Elizabeth Eckford, E... Read More »

When did the little rock nine graduate?

According to the Little Rock School District in Arkansas, the African-American students of Little Rock's Central High School who became known as the Little Rock Nine graduated from high school betw... Read More »

When did the Little Rock Nine happen?

On September 25, 1957, nine black high school students in Little Rock, Ark., faced an angry, violent crowd as they entered the all-white Central High School. These brave students peacefully stood ... Read More »