Who was molly pitcher?

Answer "Molly Pitcher" is the nickname given to a legendary woman of the American Revolution. Although historians have never confirmed her true identity, widespread speculation is that the name came from ... Read More »

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What religion was Molly Pitcher?

Molly Pitcher was the nickname given to Mary Ludwig Hays McCauley, the wife of American Revolutionary soldier William Hays. She earned the nickname when she carried water to soldiers (and to cool ... Read More »

What does Molly Pitcher represent?

Molly Pitcher represents bravery and kindness in the face of danger. During the American Revolutionary War, Mary Ludwig was nicknamed "Molly Pitcher" by the soldiers she tended as she carried pitch... Read More »

How many kids did molly pitcher have?

According to historian Linda Grant De Pauw, "Molly Pitcher" is a mythology of the American Revolution, though there are three possible inspirations: Mary Ludwig Hayes McCauley, who bore at least on... Read More »

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