In Lizzie Mcguire what is Lizzie's Mcguire future boyfriends name?

Answer at the end of the series we're lead to believe she'll get together with Gordo. BUT her crush throughout the series is named Ethan.

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Is Lizzie mcguire still on tv?

What was the show Lizzie Mcguire about?

It was about a teen girl (Lizzie) and her best friends ( David Gordon aka gordo and Miranda) and its mostly about things you can relate to. but in the the end gordo almost (accidentally) tells her ... Read More »

Who was kate in Lizzie McGuire?

the real name of Kate sanders in Lizzie mcguire is ashlie brillault!

In Lizzie Mcguire what is Max's real name?

It's Matt not Max, and his real name is Jake Thomas.