Who was j.r. davis at the union pacific railroad?

Answer Jerry R. Davis was chairman of the Union Pacific Railroad from 1996 until 1998. He took over as president when Southern Pacific merged with Union Pacific. At the end of 1999, Union Pacific chairman... Read More »

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To all Union Pacific Railroad engineers.?

We do the only thing that can be done. Blow the whistle and hope to hell the hapless/witless pedestrians are all having a lucky day...However, this applies to all locomotive engineers / train driv... Read More »

Where did the Union Pacific transcontinental railroad begin?

The Union Pacific transcontinental railroad, on which construction began in 1862, was started in Omaha, Neb. The railroad was planned to run west through the Platte River Valley. At the same time, ... Read More »

Which immigrants worked for the Union Pacific Railroad company?

Chinese immigrants were the predominant "cheap labor" force. Then the Irish came and that was the beginning of the end for the Chinese.

Who built the Union Pacific track of the rail road of the transcontinental railroad?

Grenville Dodge was the "engineer" not to be confused with the person who runs a locomotive.Samuel B. Reed was the "Chief of Construction"Labor consisted of freed slaves from the south and a mixtur... Read More »