Who was joseph bryant?

Answer Joseph Washington "Jellybean" Bryant was a professional American basketball player who, after playing seven successful seasons in the NBA, went on to coach teams in the WNBA as well as top-level It... Read More »

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Who was Joseph Banks?

Joseph Banks was a famous botanist from England. Born in 1743 in Lincolnshire, Banks traveled with James Cook to the South Pacific, where he discovered new planet specimens in Tahiti and New Zealan... Read More »

What did Joseph Lee invent?

Joseph Lee gets credit for two inventions associated with bread. His first device allowed restaurants to take stale bread and shred it into crumbs for dishes such as fried fish or croquettes. His ... Read More »

Who is THE wife of Joseph e johnston?

In 'the raisnin in the sun who is joseph asagai?

Joseph Asagai is Beneatha Younger's Nigerian boyfriend, who proposes to her while she is hoping to be rejected by her other suitor, George Murchison, whom she considers shallow. He hopes Beneatha w... Read More »