Did Jefferson Davis ever serve the us army?

Answer Yes. Jefferson Davis was a West Point graduate, and served as a commissioned officer in the US Army. He left the Army, pursued a political career, and returned to military service for the Mexican-A... Read More »

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Is Warren W Davis related to Richard to Richard k Davis?

That's completely up to you, I cant state any opinion on that.

Is the name"davis"jewish?

The name "Davis" comes from the English, and it means "son of David." It is one of the most common surnames originating from Wales and England. David was a common name in the Old Testament of the B... Read More »

What was Jefferson's siblings name?

I don't think anyone knows but him. I can't find anything that shows him having siblings. Kit and Jacques Snicket aren't real they're only from the book.

What is the origin of name Davis?

Davis is a boy's name of Old English origin and meaning “son of David.” It was a surname used in the Middle Ages and is a variant of the name David. There are eight variants for Davis, includin... Read More »