Did Jefferson Davis ever serve the us army?

Answer Yes. Jefferson Davis was a West Point graduate, and served as a commissioned officer in the US Army. He left the Army, pursued a political career, and returned to military service for the Mexican-A... Read More »

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Is Warren W Davis related to Richard to Richard k Davis?

That's completely up to you, I cant state any opinion on that.

What is the latitude of mt. jefferson?

The latitude of Mount Jefferson is N 44.674285. Mount Jefferson is a mountain summit in Oregon which stands at 10,246 feet above sea level. There are many trails in the vicinity of the peak; Idanha... Read More »

How to Make a Thomas Jefferson Wig?

If you need a Thomas Jefferson wig, or any other wig from the Colonial era, to portray the culture and society of that period, read more to learn how to make a Thomas Jefferson wig. These easy to f... Read More »

Who was thomas jefferson married to?

Thomas Jefferson's wife was Martha Wayles Skelton Jefferson. They married on January 1, 1772. After suffering complications from the birth of their sixth child, she died on September 6, 1781, at ag... Read More »