How do you make someone an admin of a group on Facebook, when you created the group?

Answer 1)edit group profile2)edit member3)make or remove admin

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Teleconference service with "small group vs. large group" switching?

you might be interested is this!!!

How do you find a common interest group to join that offers group health insurance?

Answer It's illegal to join a group only/primarily just for health insurance. Sure there are Alumni Groups that may offer it... but the pricing reflects who in the group is actually buying it. Ch... Read More »

Do i have to ask permission before posting on a related group saying, "come share my group"?

permission? there arent rules like that on facebook - do what you want

On AIM, Is there a way to add people from one group to another while keeping them in the original group?

Yeah.. if you open a box to IM them, there is that little add buddy icon (It's the yellow guy with a + I think) and if you hit that, and then pick the group, it will add to that one too. =)