Who was herod?

Answer Herod was the name of a king of Judaea (part of what is now Israel). He ruled during the first century B.C. and played an important role in the Roman-era history of the region.BirthHerod was born i... Read More »

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Who was King Herod?

King Herod (74 BC-4 BC), also known as Herod the Great, was the Roman king of a Jewish state in the Middle East. His legacy is famous for its many great buildings and bloodshed.Early LifeHerod was ... Read More »

When did King Herod die?

According to National Geographic, King Herod was born in 73 B.C. and died in 4 B.C. He was the king of the ancient Judea and was best known for building the "largest artificial harbor in the Medite... Read More »

Was King Herod a Jew?

King Herod was born to an Arab father, but throughout his life declared himself a practicing Jew. Although many in the Jewish community disliked and distrusted him because of his ethnicity, he pers... Read More »

In what year did King Herod die?

King Herod was appointed the King of Judea by the Romans in 37 B.C. In the Nativity story, he is portrayed as a tyrant that ordered the massacre of newborn babies in Bethlehem, because a new King o... Read More »