What did Frederick Miescher discover?

Answer In 1869 the Swiss physician Fredrick Meischer was the first to extract nuclear matter from white blood cells in humans and from trout sperm, which he called nuclein. Today nuclein is known as DNA.S... Read More »

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What did Frederick Griffith discover?

In 1928 Frederick Griffith, a British physician who worked for the Ministry of Health, discovered and used what is known today as Griffith's Experiment to discover the transforming principle of DNA... Read More »

Did Frederick Jones have any siblings?

When was Frederick C. Weyand born?

Frederick C. Weyand was born on September 15, 1916.

Who is Frederick Mckinley Jones?

Frederick McKinley Jones lived from 1893 to 1961 and was one of America's most prolific black inventors of his time. During his life, Jones held 61 patents, including 40 for refrigeration equipment... Read More »