Who was dropped by the bbc in 1961?

Answer If you mean the BBC Sherlock TV Show that aired quite recently, then he plays the violin.

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In 1961 what did JFK challenge NASA to do?

JFK challenged NASA to 'put a man on the moon'.

How many un peso 1961 coins are there?

Although many countries have used a coin called a peso as part of their currency, only three countries produced them in 1961. Argentina minted 76,897,000 that year, while Mexico issued 52,601,000. ... Read More »

1961 Corvette Specs?

Chevrolet's two-seat sports car debuted in the 1953 model year. The 1961 model kept the Corvette tradition of using a fiberglass body instead of steel, a practice still in place on 2010 Corvettes.... Read More »

What would your octuplets be named in 1961?

Anna Kathleen Elizabeth Ruth Katherine Diana Melissa Mary Samuel Jay Andrew Keith Anthony Dean Curtis Jay Anna, Lizzie, Katie, Melissa, Sam, Andrew, Anthony, and Curtis