Who was called"Old Ironsides"?

Answer "Old Ironsides" is not a woman, she is a Navy ship. The USS Constitution took on the nickname because the ship was very sturdy. Cannonballs were unable to penetrate the strong oak sides of the vess... Read More »

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What was Old Ironsides in the the USS?

Old Ironsides is the USS Constitution She is the oldest commissioned ship in the US Navy Fleet. She got the name "Old Ironsides" from the British when they saw that their cannon balls bounce off he... Read More »

Where is the old ironsides in the the uss?

What is the real name of Old Ironsides?

The American frigate USS Constitution, first launched from Boston in 1797, participated in several naval battles during the War of 1812. During a conflict with the British on August 19, 1812, enemy... Read More »

What is Old Ironsides is the nickname of?

Old Ironsides is the nickname of the USS Constitution.