Adolf Hitler brother's name?

Answer Alois, Gustov, Otto, and Edmund were all brothers of Adolf Hitler. Yet Alois was only Hitler's half brother being born from Franziska Matzelberger, while Gustov, Otto and Edmund were bore from Kla... Read More »

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Who were Adolf Hitler's relatives?

Klara and Alois were the names of Adolf Hitler's mother and father. Prior to Hitler's birth on April 20, 1889, Klara gave birth to two children, Gustav and Ida, who died in infancy. Hitler had a yo... Read More »

Is Adolf Hitler's father Dahak?

Adolf Hitler's fathers name is Alois Hitler.

Who was Adolf Hitler's teacher in technical school?

Forced by his father, Adolf Hitler, future leader of Nazi Germany, attended Realschule technical school in Linz. Eduard Humer was Adolf Hitler's French teacher. The only teacher Hitler liked was hi... Read More »

Classroom Activities for Adolf Hitler and the Holocaust?

The systematic killing of 6 million Jews by the Nazis under the dictatorship of Adolf Hitler is known as the Holocaust. Hitler ruled from 1933 to 1945. Jews were persecuted through the law, and eve... Read More »