When did carly simon get breast cancer?

Answer In October 1997, singer Carly Simon discovered that she had breast cancer. She was only 52 years old. After her diagnosis of a malignant tumor that was removed, she underwent chemotherapy treatment... Read More »

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How would you describe or explain the life-like figure that Simon and the flies discovered and what Simon had to do with it?

After Simon has regained consciousness after his epileptic attack he knows that the 'beast' is just a part of each and every one of them. He therefore climbs the mountain to see for himself what it... Read More »

What is Simon's last name on American Idol Explain how Simon was a judge on the show?

His last name is Cowell and he created the show in Britain called Britain idol and then brought it to America as American idol. I think :/

I am your biggest fan of i Carly and of drake and josh maranda and i wanted to know if i can be in i Carly?

Well, You CAN be in icarly but you would have to submit a funny video to them.So think of what crazy,funny, or odd talent you have.

Why does everyone call Carly on icarly shay comma Carly?

Not everyone calls her that.They've called her that only a few times.But when they did it was because usuallyon official papers such as records they putthe last name "comma" first name. Example:Sha... Read More »