The West Wing or Xena Warrior Princess?

Answer Xena is a sci fi fantasy show about Greek Mythology and the West Wing Is a political drama about the White House and Presidents. So depending on which you fancy more is what you should choose.Perso... Read More »

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Is Adolf Hitler just a fictional character in Xena warrior princess?

No. Hitler was the leader of the Nazi party and the cause for WW2 and the Holocaust.

Is the Sidekick Slide or Sidekick LX is coming out in other colors?

Heres what i found CG.The T Mobile side kick LX has two color options: · midnight blue and espresso brownAnd the Side kick Slide will come in a black deep purple finish. Side Kick LX ($299... Read More »

How to Choose Your Perfect Clan and Warrior Name for Warrior Cats?

Are you/Have you read the Warrior Cats books? Have you wanted to know what clan you would be in/ your name? If so, this is the article for you

Wich is much better a sidekick slide or an sidekick lx?