What is William Duke of Normandy's family name?

Answer Royalty and noblemen of Europe did not use surnames or family names before 1917. They were known by their titles and ownership of land. William I was the Duke of Normandy, therefore Normandy would ... Read More »

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Where is Normandy?

Normandy is a region that lies along the English Channel in the northern part of France; it is between Brittany on the west and Picardy on the east. Normandy was a landing site for the Allied Force... Read More »

When was Normandy?

The Normandy invasion took place on June 6, 1944. It was a massive assault by Allied forces in an effort to liberate France--and eventually all of Europe--from the rule of Nazi Germany.Source:World... Read More »

Where is Normandy, France?

Normandy is on the northwest coast of France on the English Channel across from England. French provinces Pircardie, Ile-de-France, Centre, Pays de la Loire and Bretagne boarder it. The province is... Read More »

Is Normandy in France?

Normandy is a region of France, located along in the northwest portion of the country, along the English Channel. Highlights of this region include the WWII landing beaches, the historic monastery ... Read More »