Why is Theodore so cute?

Answer You mean the Chipmunk? Well, he is so fat and chubby, and so cute!!!!!!

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Was Theodore Roosevelt in the us navy?

No - Roosevelt wrote a definitive work (still referenced today) called "The Naval War of 1812", and he later served as Assistant Secretary of the Navy. His only military experience was as a Volunte... Read More »

What was the nickname of the USS Theodore Roosevelt?

The USS Theodore Roosevelt's official call sign is "Rough Rider," however the vessel is also sometimes called "TR" or the "Big Stick," which refers to Roosevelt's slogan,"Speak softly and carry a b... Read More »

How many brothers and sisters does Theodore taylore have?

Sometimes - each case is different. Many children with autism spectrum disorders tend to have digestive problems. Your pediatrician can check your children and advise you on the best dietary direct... Read More »

Theodore Roosevelts Big Stick diplomacy?

It says that European kings and queens cannot start any colonies in the Americas.