Who was Stephen King's idol writer?

Answer Stephen King cites horror authors Richard Matheson and H.P. Lovecraft as his influences. Matheson's novel "I Am Legend," is considered a classic, and many of his short stories served as material fo... Read More »

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What happens to kings in recess when they go to middle school will they still be kings?

How to convert ordinary CD to rewritable CD Please guide me. I have cdrom, cd writer, dvd writer with me.?

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Which Idol started first Asian Idol or American Idol or Australian Idol and etc?

It was in the UK and it was called Pop Idol.That is true, but out of all of these, it was American idol. Its first episode was in 2000. Australian idol aired just a year after in 2003 and Asian ido... Read More »

My friend's aunt works at the American Idol place where the Idol Gives Back Concert is going to be this year. What should I wear I really want to look good for Danny N.?

Danny N. Is homosexual. Unless you are male you probably wont be attractive to him. If you are a guy, then maybe wear some clothes that bring out your looks. Dont wear over bight colors, dark color... Read More »