Who was Romney of the BBC?

Answer even if you look hard you will never find it. so just Google "bbc iplayer d" and click the link

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What religion is Mitt Romney?

A presidential candidate in 2008, Mitt Romney served as governor of Massachusetts from 2003 to 2007. Raised as a Mormon, Romney spent two years as a missionary in France. He graduated from Brigham ... Read More »

Is mitt romney the anti-christ?

Go back to sleep, you'rehaving a bad dream. You want to talk anti- christ......look at Hillary.……http://thehive.m... Read More »

Does Mitt Romney have Gypsy heritage?

Mitt Romney does not have Gypsy heritage. His Mormon great-grandfather fled the U.S. for Mexico because of legal consequences resulting from polygamy. Romney's grandfather and father were both born... Read More »

Why are the stink bugs in my attic campaigning for Romney?

Birds of a feather....I hear he stinks....Man, you keep setting me up for these easy ones