Who was Moses's step father?

Answer The Torah does not mention that Moses ever had a step father.

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Can a step father adopt their step child if the biological father disappears in Colorado?

Only if the birth father's parental rights are terminated (legally) If the birth father disappears, you may be able to have his rights terminated due to abandonment, but there's no guarantee that ... Read More »

If a man signs over his rights because that is what the son wants to be adopted by his step father if the court allows it what happens if the step father backs out of the adoption?

If the step father backed out of the adoption before it was finalized, then the child is still legally yours. Even though you said that was what your son wanted, I would strongly advise not giving ... Read More »

Does a step father have any legal rights over step children?

Not specifically without clarification of the courts. Please see link below

Does a step-father have the right to spank a step-child?

Methods of discipline are determined by the child's caregivers, the people involved in this decision should all agree on what method they are using. Child buttock-battering vs. DISCIPLINE: Child bu... Read More »