Who is Bryan Erickson?

Answer There are two famous men with the name Bryan Erickson. One was a hockey player who played nine seasons in the NHL from 1983 to 1994, scoring 80 goals as a right winger. Another Bryan Erickson is a ... Read More »

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Who is Erik Erickson?

Psychologist Erik Erikson, born in 1902, developed a theory of eight stages of childhood development. Freud influenced Erikson's work. Erikson eventually won a Pulitzer for his book "Gandhi's Truth... Read More »

Eric Erickson Theory of Personality?

Erik Erickson was a 20th-century child psychologist who developed an eight-stage model of human development. Erickson believed in a hierarchy of developmental stages based on the relationship of ps... Read More »

How does levinson theory differ from erickson?

The Levinson and Erikson theories are both theories of life stages and human development named for the psychologists who invented them. Though somewhat similar in structure, the theories differ in ... Read More »

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