Possible Topics for a King Lear Research Paper?

Answer "King Lear" is one of William Shakespeare's most famous and dramatic plays. It tells the story of a king who decides to divide the kingdom among his three daughters, based on their displays of flat... Read More »

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How fast is a Lear jet?

Designed for performance, the lightweight Bombardier Learjet's two rear Honeywell TFE731-20 turbofan engines, each providing 3,500 lbs., can push the aircraft up to speeds of 778 km (483 miles) per... Read More »

What is a lear jet's top speed?

The maximum cruising speed of a Learjet depends on the model. A Learjet 85 maxes out at Mach 0.82 to 541 miles per hour with a range of 3,455 statute miles. The 60XR has a mach of 0.81 or 536 mph w... Read More »

How much did R.J. Corman pay for his Lear jet?

Although the exact price paid isn't public knowledge, from the present price of Learjets it can be surmised that R.J. Corman Aviation Services paid between $1.6 and $2.5 million for its recent pur... Read More »

How many siblings did Edward Lear have?

he was born the 21 child so he had 20 siblings