What happened with Jimmy and Cindy on Jimmy Neutron?

Answer jimmy and Cindy do not get together but they almost do. To be more specific if you watch the episode Lady Sings the News they are basically a couple by the end. It never may not officially say that... Read More »

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Difference Between a Full Size Jimmy & a Jimmy S15?

The GMC Jimmy and Jimmy S15 are both sport utility vehicles that were last released for the 1991 model year. The standard Jimmy is the full-sized version, while the S15 model is smaller. Aside from... Read More »

Why was carters secret service name deacon?

What happened to Angela Carters mom after she beat her to death?

She More Than Likely Got Put In Prison For Beating Own Child To Death And Also For Taking Drugs While Having A Kid In The House!

What did Obama and Jimmy Fallon slow jam about on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon?

President Obama and Jimmy Fallon slow jammed about Obama's proposal to lower the rates on student loans for college students.