How old was Jacob when he had Levi in the Bible?

Answer The book of Genesis records the life and death of Jacob, son of Isaac and grandson of Abraham. The writer of Genesis did not list Jacob's age at the birth of his son, Levi, and it is therefore unkn... Read More »

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What is the difference between the 1599 Geneva Bible& the King James Bible?

The first translation of the Bible from the original texts into English was printed by the Protestant Reformists in Geneva. King James issued a new English version of the Bible to be translated aft... Read More »

Why does the Protestant Bible have seven less books than the Catholic Bible?

The Catholic and Protestant Bibles are held by both denominations as the true and inspired Word of God. However, the reason why these versions have a different number of official books in their pre... Read More »

Home Gardener's "Bible" Any west coast gardeners ever heard of the garden "Bible" Real name of the book?

THE MASTER GARDENER BIBLE was at one time "SUNSET WESTERN GARDEN BOOK". We carried one with us at all times. But times change & the MASTER GARDENERS have written a NEW TESTAMENT of their own. I ... Read More »

Why is the Catholic Bible different from the Protestant Bible?

The Catholic Bible differs from the Protestant Bible because reformer Martin Luther chose to exclude several books from his highly influential 1534 translation of the Bible. With the Council of Tr... Read More »