Why did two actors play Darren Stevens in Bewitch?

Answer Dick York and then Dick Sargent played Darren Stevens on Bewitched.

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Who are Cynthia mcfadden's biological parents?

she is most definitely Spencer tracey and Katherine hepburns child

What is the meaning of the name Darren?

The male name Darren is from Irish and Gaelic and means "great." Variations include Daren, Darin, Daron, Darryn and Derrin. The name is common as a first name in the U.S. but uncommon as a last nam... Read More »

Is darren mcgavin still alive?

Actor Darren McGavin passed away on February 25, 2006 in Los Angeles, California. Born in 1922, McGavin appeared in nearly 200 television and movie roles and is best known for starring in "Kolchak:... Read More »

Does Arie Match with Darren?

Yes, vivid dreaming is a symptom of pregnancy. You can try and program your dreams by thinking of restful scenes like gardens or the ocean before you sleep. Also keeping a journal to write down the... Read More »