Who wants to see yahoo&other sites from 10+ years ago...then take a look?

Answer the last time i worked was 8yrs ago, so no wonder why i cant find my away the net.made me smile, and it is amazing how comp tech has moved on since then. when i worked they were just bringing Cd's... Read More »

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M husband wants to look up porn on our computer. Are there any virus free porn sites?

no good to watch porn.netdog porn filter:

Boyfriend wants to take a year long motorcycle trip, he wants me to go. Should I How?

Do it! Find a way to make it work financially.It will set you back a year or two, but at 22 or 23yrs old most people are still at square one with their careers, and most don't have the stories of ... Read More »

My ex husband wants to sign over rights my fiance wants to adopt what steps do we need to take?

Your sister in law is going to prison for a year and wants you to take here three kids will you get any help from the state if you take them you live in californiamy brother is also in prison?

Answer Boy, I feel for ya bud. I thought I had problems. If your record is clean then you have a chance, but it isn't what she wants it's what social services will allow. You need to talk to them ... Read More »