Who visits your facebook profile the most?

Answer Yes that is correct. Friends who appear consistently on your profile page in the list of friends, are in fact users who are visiting your page.

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How to check who visits my Facebook profile?

There is NO way. Facebook has released many statements saying they will NEVER allow this information to become available as it breaches not only Facebook's privacy policy, but also US and EU privac... Read More »

Facebook: Is it true that the friends displayed on your profile are the ones who visit your page the most?

yes its true...Have you ever wondered why 10 friends appear on your Facebook profile page, and how they are chosen?The list of 10 friends displayed changes slightly every time you visit your Facebo... Read More »

Is your profile picture (on facebook) the most "attractive" picture of you, or is it...?

I usually have a silly face or am doing something random. That represents who I am. I like to have fun and be the funny one. But I don't have those weird "myspace" poses. So cliche, and, your right... Read More »

Is it true that those friends that appear in your facebook profile are the ones that view your profile the mos?

No it changes at random. I just kept clicking refresh and it changes. Try it on your profile page to see..