Who views my facebook most?

Answer There is no app which allow to know who views our facebook profile most. Facebook has no such options too, so you never know who views your facebook.

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Facebook who views your pagethe most? it used to be called stalker check but they changed the name to fan check :)

Can you see who views your facebook page?

No. There are some fake programs that claim they can show you who viewed your profile, but it's not true : )

See who views your facebook profile....?

No!it doesn't work.It is a COMPLETE scamA real Facebook Profile Spy doesn't exist.However there are scammers trying to get people to set up an app for one and spamming their scams all over the inte... Read More »

Can you see who views your facebook profile?

No. You can restrict who views it, but you can't see who views it because anything on the internet is publicly accessible. The apps that say that they can show you are not legit.