Who uses and believes wikipedia?

Answer its not all liesthe content is filtered from time to time to ensure the article is well supported and to avoid vandalism,although everyone can contribute to wikipedia, those who intend to vandalize... Read More »

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Tips for pranking someone who believes Wikipedia blindly?

Basically, just put in something fake but plausible.But do it using an account that has had a few minor edits, no serious reverts or blocks, and a few obviously true things added. Also, don't use a... Read More »

I slept with a celebrity and no one believes me. Does it piss you off when no one believes you about somethin?

Well alot of people lie about things especially about knowing/doing things with Celebrities to make them look cool. And if you don't have proof it's hard to trust what you say about a Celebrity as ... Read More »

Who invented the wiki markup Wikipedia uses?

This question is more involved than would at first seem. To give Ward Cunningham credit for the wiki markup Wikipedia uses might be like giving Tim Berners Lee credit for inventing XHTML.For the or... Read More »

What is Wikipedia and its uses in modern world?

For researching things...Or if you are like me, you use it when you are bored! lol