Who used Egyptian amulets?

Answer Ancient Egyptians from as early as the pre-dynastic period (ca. 4500 to 3100 B.C.) wore amulets for protection or to give the wearer a special power. Initially, amulets were mostly made in the shap... Read More »

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What were Egyptian Amulets made of?

According to the Aldokkan Ancient Egypt website, amulets were valuable because they provided magical protection for the wearer. Wealthy people wore amulets made of materials such as turquoise, carn... Read More »

What was the egyptian rosetta stone used for?

Many people are unfamiliar with the Rosetta Stone, though it was first discovered in 1799. You may wonder what the Rosetta Stone is and what its use was in ancient Egypt?DiscoveryThe Rosetta Stone... Read More »

Tools Used in Digs for Egyptian Archaeology?

Archaeologists who work on an Egyptian dig site use a variety of tools to excavate the site and safely remove artifacts. While these tools can be purchased from specialty shops, many are common hou... Read More »

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