Who took a bite out of the Apple logo?

Answer the PC guy from the commercials. he got pissed off at how he was being portrayed on tv

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Who do you reckon took the bite out of the Apple logo and why?

I understand it is in reference to Alan Turing who killed himself by eating a cyanide-laced apple.

Accidentally took a bite of raw hamburger meat!?

Don't worry, everything will be ok but if you feel a bit sick then I suggest going to see a doctor:)

Why is there a chunk out of the apple mac logo?

I think its a pun from "an apple a day keeps the doctor away" For apple its "An apple a day keeps the viruses away"Seeing as windows gets 80,000 viruses evry year and apple gets400 viruses evry yea... Read More »

Where Did the Apple Logo Come From?

The Apple logo originated with the first design by Steve Jobs and Ronald Wayne in 1976. It depicted the scientist Isaac Newton sitting under an apple tree. Rob Janoff redesigned the logo to feature... Read More »