Who to complain to about unsafe sidewalk at a restaurant?

Answer 1. The town, (they the proprietors need license, * which is a legal document (documented), & pays to even open/operate, any business legally int that any area/place.2. Restaurant Organizations; ... Read More »

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How to Complain in a Restaurant?

Knowing how to criticize a restaurant politely is important to know how to do if the restaurant does something wrong.An easy to follow guide to complaining in a restaurant that won't leave you blus... Read More »

How to Complain at a Restaurant That You Love?

Has anything gone wrong at your favorite restaurant , but you don't want to make a big fuss or have a bad reputation there? Here's how!

Where do you complain about the food at ESPN zone restaurant?

Does food restaurant make more money a year, or regular fancy restaurant?

That would depend upon the location. I'm sure there are some McDonald's that make as much as, if not more, in a year than a 5 star restaurant, once you take costs, wages and other expenses into acc... Read More »