What was the last party you threw And why?

Answer That sounds like an excellent idea for a party, well-planned!My last one was several years ago for my 33rd birthday at our house. We invited both of our respective families so they could finally m... Read More »

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How to sneak a sidekick threw walk threw school scanners?

Take the battery out and put the battery and ur bag. The battery sets the scanners off. Its too big to hide anywhere on ur body.

Why do celebrities seem to have perfect skin, perfect body, and perfect teeth?

im guessing it is because they have their own personal instructers and stuff like that. And sometimes i have heard that the camra takes off 10 pounds or it puts on and most of the time stars arent... Read More »

How to Find a Perfect DS Game?

In this article, you will learn how to find the perfect game for your DS.

How to Get a Perfect Game in Wii Bowling?

The Wii platform has introduced an entire new way of playing video games to the video game consumer. Now not only do gamers have to be proficient at timing the mashing of various buttons in sequenc... Read More »