Who thinks we should be in a beer garden?

Answer What a fab idea! I'd love to be in a beer garden right now with some good music playing faintly in the background and loads of my friends having a nice chat about random stuff!As to the drink... Hm... Read More »

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What should you do if you are a sixteen year old girl in a serious relationship who really wants to get pregnant and he thinks you should go for it?

Answer I would advise that person to spend times with children "infants" for at least one weekend on her own and if she feels she can handle it she should then determine if she was to get pregnant... Read More »

How to Build a Beer Garden?

A beer garden is a type of outdoor social space that originated in southern Germany in the 19th century. When German brewers started lagering their beers, they needed cool cellars in which to ferme... Read More »

How to Use Beer to Get Rid of Snails in Your Garden?

Snails and slugs have long been giving backyard gardeners and organic farmers headaches. These small, slimy creatures reproduce quickly and voluminously, and feed on the leaves and roots of your ca... Read More »

What garden feature should I include in my garden?

This is a tough one. The space you're describing seems a difficult place for plants. First, a few questions. Do you have any direct sunlight? If you never do, your choices are extremely limited in ... Read More »