Who thinks this is rediculous?

Answer It's actually simple. The FDA is not your friend and is responsive to congress. Congress has no clue about what is good and bad. They rely on so called "experts" to give them information so they... Read More »

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Most rediculous YouTube video ?

I really wonder if she knows that she's only proving everyone's point.....Anyway, on a lighter note:The video Darth linked me:…Watch all the way till the end!

I need any and all sexy party themes that you can think of, even if you think they're rediculous?

16 year olds and 25 year olds together in a sex themed bus?? I'd be more concerned about what you are gonna tell the judge when you get arressted by the Po-Po's!!!!

Who else thinks this too?

I believe that too.But I believe that it is already a part of Gods plan.He created a perfect world with humans who would not die if they followed his plan. Humans thought they had a better way,an... Read More »

Am i the only guy who thinks this?

No, you are not the only guy that thinks that. In fact, I don't think that you are the only person that thinks that. My boyfriend of 11 years feels the same way. I personally don't wear makeup beca... Read More »