Who thinks being a SAHM is fair?

Answer When you said "I know they will never be this little again and I should enjoy it while it lasts." The key word is should... you SHOULD enjoy it, but you don't seem to. Not one bit. Sucks to be you.... Read More »

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Why is it a contest SAHM?

Such great answers so far. =) But yes.. I think it comes down to just differences in opinions. I've seen people attack others when answering questions about what brand of diapers they use on their ... Read More »

Questions for other SAHM's...?

I am very newly a SAHM, but I was a 60 hour a week nanny for a awhile, and was around a lot of SAHM's. I think what you are going through is normal with an infant. It gets better when they get olde... Read More »

Do you ever feel guilty for being a SAHM?

No i don't. I have 4 children...i'm constantly busy. Nap time is my "me time"...and that's getting shorter and shorter as my 2 youngest are getting older and demanding less nap time. I am forever p... Read More »

I am TTC 2 b a SAHM w/o PPD while on BC. How can I achieve this goal?

You need to contact your HR dept. about getting FMLA to be a SAHM. After you get the OK from your OBGYN. Also check you CM and BBT do lots of BD! You probably won't TTC too long b/c AF is so regu... Read More »