Who thinks Penfold should finish making our dinner?

Answer *raises hand**lifts shirt and flashes Moley*

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4 couples at dinner 3 finish do we wait till last person is done eating before we let waiter take dishes?

No, plates should be cleared as they are done with. Its very uncomfortable to sit with dirty plates in front of you.

What are you making me for dinner?

mostaccioli with sausage and peppersserved with a tossed green saladparmesan garlic breadand a chocolate trifle for dessert.

First time making dinner for BF?

If you really want to impress him, I suggest a salad with hearts of palm and artichoke hearts, served with the following pasta, and then buy a simple dessert to finish with. Here is the recipe for... Read More »

What are you making me for dinner tonight?

Tonight I'm making oriental pepper steak with steamed rice. Last night was Mexican food. The night before was fried chicken southern style. I love to cook.