Who takes over when a home owner association president resigns?

Answer Usually, another board member, and usually the Vice President. Read your governing documents to determine the process required to notify the membership, nominate candidates, hold the meeting, vote... Read More »

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What are the responsibilities of president of home owner association?

Your governing documents describe the precise duties of the president. Overall, however, the president is the leader of a multi-million dollar corporation and should lead the business of the associ... Read More »

Is it legal for the ex-president of a home owners association not to turn over the books to the new president?

Because a home owners association is probably a corporation, you could ask the same question of Boeing's president or the president of Goldman Sachs.In those corporations, the subject wouldn't come... Read More »

If as a condo owner you feel you are being taken advantage of by the President owner of the other condos and you want to get out of the association how do you do it?

Getting out of an association is only possible by selling your unit to a new buyer. "Feeling like you're being taken advantage of..." is possible if you are new to condominium ownership, or do not ... Read More »

Two people purchased home with a home owner association and are not part of the association?

If the homes are within the provenance of the association, the new owners are automatically members of the association and are required to pay monthly assessments and live in the property according... Read More »